Keep your home safe with National Home Security Month

October marks the beginning of National Home Security Month, designed to raise awareness of the various ways to protect your family and your home.

As the nights get darker and people begin humming carols under their breath, there are many exciting events that draw us away from our homes. Unfortunately, this heightens burglary risks as thieves know that we will be out celebrating Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas festivities. National Home Security Month is a great way to remind yourselves how to stay vigilant and ensure that your valuables are protected and secure.

Open door, break in

Throughout National Home Security Month, many advertisements will adopt a fearful approach, citing statistics such as how a burglary takes place every 40 seconds in the UK and that approximately 57% of burglaries occur when the home is occupied. Whilst there is evidence to support this, Threshold Security Systems suggests that instead of focusing on what they do, let’s focus on what you can do.

The tagline ‘protecting what’s yours’ embodies that stance, with five ways that you can protect your property, your belongings and make your family feel safe:

Open door, break in
  • Home security system – This is an immediate, effective way of protecting your home. Modern alarm systems are simple to activate when you leave the house and provides instant reassurance that you’ve taken steps towards securing your property.
  • Visible CCTV – When you are out enjoying your day, it’s comforting to know that there are the right eyes on your home. What’s more, a camera acts as a deterrent to any potential thieves as it demonstrates that you take your security seriously. If you’ve got CCTV, what other preventative measures do you have?
  • Locking doors and windows – The majority of burglars go through the front door, so installing a secure, well maintained lock will act as a protection cloak around your door. For maximum security, ideally your windows will only be accessible from the inside, but you can also secure your home by locking the windows by key or installing security grilles.
  • Maintenance - Perhaps one of the most overlooked areas of security is the regular maintenance of alarms, locks and security devices. Some home insurers will not pay you if you have to make a claim if they find that the systems have not been regularly checked.
  • Additional security - Whether it’s a door chain, gravel on the driveway, or floodlighting, there are many additional ways to make your property feel more secure.

With the variety of security systems being promoted throughout National Home Security Month it can often be daunting for homeowners to know which security alarm system is the best for them. Threshold Security Systems aren’t interested in one-size fits-all approach, and instead work with you to deliver bespoke security solutions for your home. Having safely protected every property imaginable, whether it’s a 2-bedroom terraced cottage or a stately home on a vast estate, the main focus is on ensuring you have the alarm system that will provide the best security for the people living inside.

Open door, break in

As National Home Security Month draws to a close, there are simple and easy steps you can take towards protecting your loved ones and securing your property. Get in touch with Threshold Security Systems for a free survey and to discuss the various ways we can begin securing your home today.

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